Desirable Tomorrows
International Conference

April 29, May 3, 4, 11, 18, 25, 31, June 7 2021

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Participants – Tais Hanae Kasai Brunswick

Tais Hanae Kasai Brunswick
Graduated in Biomedicine by Rio de Janeiro State Federal University (2007), master degree in Biological Sciences - Physiology (2009) and PhD in Biological Sciences - Biophysics (2013) both by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Post-doctoral in the field of iPSC generation to model cardiac diseases (UFRJ). Experience in regenerative medicine and flow cytometry, resulting in 33 scientific publications, authorship of 2 book chapters and supervision of undergraduate and post-graduate students. Currently a Professor at National Center of Structural Biology and Bioimaging (CENABIO) from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2019) and Director of the Multiuser Unit of Imaging of Small Animals, CENABIO (2020). Main areas of work: cell therapy with bone marrow cells, cardiac stem-cells, generation and characterization of iPSC, cardiac differentiation with emphasis on the study of cardiovascular diseases, investigation of the cellular mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity focusing on flow cytometry to evaluate biological processes. Development of activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation with regard to genetic diagnosis in cardiovascular diseases. Working also as Evaluation Professor at the National Higher Education Evaluation System (SINAES-INEP) of the Ministry of Education and is part of the Product Development and Evaluation Team of the National Network of Specialists in Advanced Therapies, RENETA in partnership with National Heath Surveillance Agency, ANVISA.
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